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Three-Day Comprehensive Training

We've combined the modalities used in our HeartMind Masterclass with our Biofield Therapy and HeartLight Project techniques, to offer a comprehensive three-day intensive we call the HeartLight Masterclass Workshop.

Personal Attention

Each HeartLight Masterclass Workshop is limited to 20 people, so every participant can receive ample individual attention. Our instructors mix classroom-style teaching with a variety of participatory hands-on techniques, in order to enhance the learning experience and make it fun.

Our Location or Yours

Our Workshops are regularly held in our hometown of Mobile, Alabama -- but we encourage people to become certified with us, so they can facilitate their own HeartLight Masterclass Workshops, in their own hometown.

Here's what you'll learn day-by-day in our Workshop:

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On Day One, we take a photo of your aura, and we provide you with a report that interprets your subtle energy and chakra functioning. Then, on Day Three, we take another photo, and compare your energy before and after taking our Workshop. Next, we teach you about your Biofield. You'll learn about biophotons, your energy field, your energy centers, and meridians. Then, you'll practice seeing, feeling, and working with your personal energy. Finally, we'll teach you to consciously expand your biofield, and we'll take a video of it as it's growing, in real time!



You'll learn all about your Autonomic Nervous System as it relates to your biofield, and we'll teach you scientifically proven techniques that will help you give your Parasympathetic Nervous System dominance over your Sympathetic. Our modalities include: Gamma Brainwave Entrainment, Heart Rate Variability Breathing, Galvanic Skin Response Biofeedback, and Mindfulness Meditation. Practicing these techniques regularly can create new neural pathways and establish new, ingrained responses to stress, and keep your biofield in a state of coherence.



You'll learn about various Biofield Therapy modalities -- like Reiki, Qi Gong, and Healing Touch, and the relationship between Biofield Science and Quantum Physics. You'll also practice Biofield Therapy by working on other participants. Next, comes Heart-Centered Meditation, which creates an ideal state for taking your second aura photograph. After your second photo is taken, it's compared to the first one, and you'll receive an in-depth personal report of the analysis. Lastly, there's an overview, discussion, and evaluation of the Workshop.


Our MasterClass Workshops are held in Mobile, AL

HeartLight MasterClass Workshops are presented at the University of South Alabama (USA). USA is a research university, and includes the College of Medicine, Mitchell Cancer Institute, Children's & Women's Hospital, and University Hospital. It's located in the heart of Mobile, Alabama, and is only minutes from both the Mobile Regional Airport and I-65. Our next HeartLight MasterClass Workshop will be held at USA in Mobile, on September 27th, 28th, and 29th (2019). To see all the great things Mobile has to offer when you visit, click the link below:

Mobile, AL

Our Facilitator Workshops are held in Pensacola Beach, FL

We're always looking for qualified people to facilitate our HeartLight Masterclass Workshops around the U.S. and the rest of the world. As a Certified HeartLight MasterClass Facilitator, you'll be qualified to teach our Workshops just about anywhere. Our next Facilitator Workshop will be held on November 22nd, 23rd, and 24th (2019) at the Pensacola Beach Hilton Resort in Pensacola, FL. To see all the cool things Pensacola Beach has to offer when you visit, click the link below.

Pensacola Beach


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Location, location, location...

Our HeartLight MasterClass Workshops are held at the University of South Alabama, in Mobile, Alabama. Our Facilitator Workshops are held at the Hilton Beach Resort in Pensacola, Florida. Our corporate office is in the University of South Alabama's Technology & Research Park, located at 775 North University Blvd., Ste. 150, Mobile, AL 36608.

How to pay for a Workshop:

You can enroll in either workshop by sending us your name, email address, and a brief message -- and you can pay by using the PayPal buttons below. Tuition for the HeartLight MasterClass Workshop is $325 USD, and the Facilitator's Workshop is $595. Thank You!

Martin Marzullo, Director c. (251) 581-4517



Masterclass Workshop

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View of the Mobile, Alabama Waterfront.


Facilitator Workshop

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View of the Pensacola Beach Hilton Resort.

Special Hotel Rates

Workshop participants receive special rates at the Holiday Inn Express & Suites, across from the University, and the Hilton Resort on Pensacola Beach. If you're interested in booking a room at either place, let us know, and we'll secure your discount. To find out more, click the links below.

Holiday Inn