The cells of plants, animals, and humans store and release light particles called biophotons.


Each cell in the body releases over 100,000 biophotons per second, which carry energy and information throughout the body.

Biophotons weave a web of light that connects cells, tissues, and organs, and creates the biofield.


Biophotons stored in each organ, give that organ its own unique frequency signature and electromagnetic field.

The heart has the most powerful electromagnetic field of all the organs, including the brain.


The heart's electromagnetic field generates over 50,000 femtoteslas of energy, compared with the brain, which emits 10.

The heart's electromagnetic field is so expansive that it contains all other fields.


The heart's electromagnetic field extends beyond the body, and thus becomes what is known as the human biofield.

Thoughts and emotions are the primary determinants of the size and strength of the biofield.


Positive thoughts and emotions cause a person's biofield to expand, while negative thoughts and emotions cause it to contract.

One person's electromagnetic field can cause another person's field to expand or contract.


Anyone coming within the sphere of another person's energy field, will be affected by the positive or negative energy held in that field.




Biophoton activity is an indicator of the functional state of the cells, and can be used to assess the health of the organism.  The more light the cells store, the stronger the electromagnetic field becomes, and the healthier the individual will be.  Our work is focused on the conscious generation of light within the cells and biofield, in order to create and maintain optimal health and well-being. To find out more about biophotons, click on the Photogenetics link below.



Positive thoughts and emotions increase biophoton activity within the cells, expand the electromagnetic field, and ensure greater physical, mental and emotional health and well-being.  Negative thoughts and emotions have the opposite effect, and bring on physical, mental, and emotional sickness and dis-ease. HeartMind Institute offers viable techniques for consciously regulating the body's autonomic responses to negative situations, thereby increasing biophoton levels within the cells.



Each person's energy field interacts with the energy fields of those with whom it comes into contact. The combined energy fields of more than 7 billion people not only have a direct effect on every human on the planet, but they also have a powerful impact on the earth's geomagnetic field. Therefore, the more positive people there are in the world, the quicker the world itself becomes a positive place. HeartMind Institute is dedicated to making the world a more positive place by providing people with the tools to do it.

the caduceus and the human biofield


Our Caduceus Page

You can learn more about the dynamics of the human biofield by going to our Caduceus Page. It explains the symbolism behind the caduceus, and how it relates to the body's primary energy centers, which are commonly known as the "chakras". To go to the Caduceus Page, just click the link below:

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National Institutes of Health on Biofield Science

The National Institutes of Health's US National Library of Medicine has a number of scientific articles available on the subject of Biofield Science. To read more about it, click the link below:

Our Acknowledgements to Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp and Doc Lew Childre.

A special word of thanks goes out to Dr. Fritz-Albert Popp, founder of the International Institute of Biophysics and the inventor of Biophoton Theory, and to Doc Lew Childre, Jr., the founder of HeartMath Institute and an innovator in the science of Heart-Brain Coherence. It is their work that laid a solid foundation for everything we do here at HeartMind Institute. Thank you, gentlemen.