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Our Signature Program

We call our Signature Program the HeartLight MasterClass, because workshop attendees learn to become "masters" over their body's HeartLight energy field -- which permeates and regulates their entire biofield.  Participants are taught proven techniques for consciously controlling their body's autonomic responses to stress. This helps to transform negative energies into positive ones, which allows the biofield to remain expanded, and keeps it from contracting.


Fight or Flight Response

It's easy to tell somebody to relax when they're faced with a stressful situation, but it's not so easy for them to relax when their adrenaline is flowing, their heart is racing, their body is jittery or tense, and they're sweating profusely. Those reactions are the result of natural autonomic reflexes, and they often trigger the fight-or-flight response. By the time that happens, it's just too late to relax -- autonomic reflexes take over and control the situation, and the person is helpless to react otherwise. They either run away, stay and fight, or freeze in sheer terror


Autonomic Reflexes

Autonomic reflexes, or visceral reflexes, govern the internal organs of the body. They regulate heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure, and perspiration, among other things. They were originally thought to act involuntarily, but Science has since demonstrated that we can actually control our autonomic reflexes, especially when they're reacting to external stimuli or stressors. Our HeartMind Masterclass teaches participants to consciously control their body's autonomic reflexes, so they won't be involuntarily stimulated when presented with potentially stressful situations.


Sympathetic vs Parasympathetic Dominance

The Autonomic Nervous System is divided into two branches. The Sympathetic Nervous System is what causes our heart to race, blood pressure to rise, and breath rate to increase during stressful situations. The Parasympathetic Nervous System is what helps restore equilibrium after a stressful incident has passed. We teach participants how to give the Parasympathetic Nervous System dominance over the Sympathetic in order to remain calm when faced with a stressful situation.


Rewiring the Brain and Autonomic Nervous System

Participants in our HeartMind MasterClass are taught scientifically proven techniques, like Brainwave Synchronization and Mindfulness Meditation, which create new neural pathways and actually rewire the brain. This produces a new set of signals that are sent to the Autonomic Nervous System, which helps the body remain calm when presented with potentially stressful situations. These and other proven modalities gradually reengineer the autonomic nervous system over time, which eventually hardwires new physiological responses to stress, and helps a person remain calm under most conditions.


MasterClass Timeline

Science demonstrates that it takes 6-8 minutes to entrain the brain, 21-30 days to create new neural pathways, and an average of 66 days to actually establish a new behavior. For those reasons, our HeartMind Masterclass for students is an hour-long, 9-week program -- which is also the length of a typical school quarter. Over the course of our 9-week program, participants will learn to consciously control their heart rate, breath rate, blood pressure, and brainwave frequencies.


MasterClass Modalities

Participants will learn to control their autonomic nervous system by using scientifically proven techniques like HRV Resonance Frequency Breathing, Brainwave Synchronization, Mindfulness Meditation, and other innovative modalities. By practicing these techniques regularly over the course of our nine-week program, participants will not only become masters of their autonomic nervous system, they will also likely become masters of their lives as a result.

Here are some videos that further explain the Science behind our HeartMind MasterClass:


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By: Trent Janisch


"The Science Behind Mindfulness Meditation"

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"What is Brainwave Entrainment?"

By: Truth of Addiction

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