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Enlightening the World, One Heart at a Time!

The HeartLight Project is a worldwide initiative of HeartMind Institute, dedicated to teaching people all around the world how to consciously radiate the dynamic energy of their HeartLight, in order to bring more light into their own life, and in doing so, increase the amplitude of Light on the entire planet.

"HeartLight" is what we call the radiant vital energy that emanates from the heart and is fueled by quantum particles of light known as biophotons. Our HeartLight is literally our Lifeforce, and the more HeartLight we generate, the more Lifeforce we have available to us. 

When our HeartLight expands, our physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being is significantly improved; but when our HeartLight contracts, our overall health and well-being is drastically diminished -- often to the point of causing sickness and disease. 

The HeartLight Project offers a number of fun and easy techniques you can use to consciously expand your body's HeartLight. These scientifically proven techniques help to relieve stress, maintain equanimity, and improve your overall physical, mental, and emotional health and well-being. And - if you practice the techniques regularly - they can actually create permanent positive changes in your heart, brain and biofield! 

The mission and goal of the HeartLight Project is to teach people everywhere how to improve their lives -- and the world we live in -- by consciously radiating the positive energy of their HeartLight every day, in every way!

Our vision is to literally enlighten the world, one heart at a time!

-from the HeartLight Project website

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"PEMF -(New) The Body, Mind, HEART, Earth Connection"

By: Bryant Meyers


Martin Marzullo, Director